Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin ATMs Orders; The Indonesian Connection; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

LocalBitcoins Starts Taking Orders for Bitcoin ATMs

Earlier this year, announced its forthcoming project, involving around manufacturing and distribution of Bitcoin ATMs. The renowned Bitcoin buying and selling company although surprised the masses by making yet another announcement, which elaborated their plans to take pre-launch orders for their in-development Bitcoin machines. However, the company insured their potential client about the successful runs of their ATMs. The new Bitcoin ATMs weighs 15 kg.

Indonesian Exchange Inks Deal with Local Store

Indonesia is turning out to be a major hub to spend Bitcoins. According to the recent reports, the nation’s foremost exchange signed an agreement with Indomaret, a Jakarta-based major department store with over 10,000 branches in the country. Consumers can load their accounts with rupees (local currency) and acquire their bitcoins from any branch of Indomaret. While Bitcoin transaction volume in Indonesia is difficult to measure, seems to be growing. In April, the company reported daily volumes of between 10 and 30 BTC.

Xapo to Ditch New York Bitcoin Customers Over BitLicense

In times when the cryptocurrency communities are going furious over BitLicense – the recently proposed Bitcoin regulation drafted by New York Department of Financial Services, Xapo has taken further measures to stay out of such inflexible domain. The renowned Bitcoin walllet and debit card company recently decided to exclude New York customers if in case the current draft of BitLicense is passed without much change. Its CEO Wences Casares further stated:

“New York’s proposed BitLicense in its current form is the wrong form of regulation and in fact poses a threat to New York and New York consumers. […] We believe that at this early stage in bitcoin’s history, investing the time needed to arrive at the right regulation is time well spent.”

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