Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Another Ponzi scheme; Bitcoin Price Falling; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Fake Investment Company Steals 1,000 BTC from Customers

Just a few days back, a group of people complained about CryptoDouble, an investment company that disappeared with around 1,000 Bitcoin. The company promised these people to double-up their cryptocurrency investments within 100 hours of deposit, a thing that eventually turned out to be scam. You can read the full report here.

Russia Blocks Bitcoin Websites

Being on the verge of an economic collapse, Russia is still treating Bitcoin as some sort of crime-inducing technology, proved their latest rulings against a handful of digital currency websites. According to the available reports, Russian authorities have blacklisted several Bitcoin-related web addresses, having the suffix “.ru”. You can read the full report here.

Bitcoin Price Continues to Tumble amid Panic Sell

The downtrend in Bitcoin price continued to hit traders when it fell below the $200 mark today, eventually rebounding from $156. The time we thought 2014 was the worst Bitcoin trading year, 2015 came to be even better at being worst. The technical indicators are pointing towards a strong bearish presence, while even the fundamentals are not supporting any volatile rebound. Speculators however are wondering if lower Bitcoin value might generate some buying momentum – at least for short term. You can read the technical analysis here.

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