Bitcoin Mining Virus Now Heads to Watch Dogs Torrents


Bitcoin Mining Virus Now Heads to Watch Dogs TorrentsIf you are fond of downloading games from torrent sites, you must already be playing or downloading Ubisoft’s latest Watch Dogs video game.

The game is now ready to be downloaded by those who want to play it on their previous-generation consoles or PCs. However, if you are downloading or have already downloaded the PC version of the game through torrent, you are in a messy situation; Watch Dogs torrent is now being used to spread a Bitcoin mining malware, which can crash your computer or dramatically increase the rate of your power consumption, reported tech website WCCF Tech.

This once occurred with Grand Theft Auto V fake torrent and is now happening with Ubisoft’s most popular video game. The malware not only slows down your computer, but it also makes the torrent uploader richer at your expense. Bitcoin mining is now the newest virus trend, and this fact has not escaped the mind of a few crooks out to make some quick buck from the fake version of Watch Dogs.


One of the most downloaded Watch Dogs torrents contains a Bitcoin mining malware that causes CPU consumption to surge 25 percent and generates Blue Screen crashes. In the Task Manager, this process runs under the tag “winlogin.exe”, which looks similar to the legitimate process called “winlogon.exe”. So check your computer to see if all is safe.

The unfortunate thing is that the Bitcoin mining virus has just been developed recently; hence most antivirus programs are unable to detect it. However, you can visit this site to fix the bug. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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