Bitcoin Mentioned in PayPal Survey


Paypal Corporate Headquarters Sign. – There have been a lot of speculation in the past about PayPal thinking to add digital currency to its services. In one of the recent events, eBay CEO John Donahoe also indicated such integration in the near future, admitting to the powerful role Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has to play in the near future, and how PayPal can afford to keep itself away from such change for long.

We believe that the wait of the historical PayPal-Bitcoin integration might be just steps away. Our hope lays in an ongoing PayPal survey which has mentioned Bitcoin in an extensive manner. The “mentioning” was first revealed by one of the Reddit users SwiftBoatVet who posted a few screenshots of the Reddit survey he received, displaying several important questions regarding Bitcoin.


“Halfway through, the questions changed to Bitcoin specific. 4-5 pages comparing PayPal and Bitcoin,” the Redditor exclaimed.

The questions that were asked in the survey were “How well do each of the following statements describe PayPal and Bitcoin”, and “How likely are you to recommend each of to a friend or acquaintance” with Bitcoin mentioned along with PayPal as an option waiting to be rated on the scale of 10.

Noticing these questions have given two possible outcomes. One: Maybe PayPal is actually thinking about adding Bitcoin as one of its transactional currency, as indicated before by the eBay CEO. Two: Maybe PayPal is simply treating Bitcoin as a competitor as the latter is known to charge almost 80% less transaction fees than the former. In past, PayPal have been continuously compared with Bitcoin which may have led them to raise the aforementioned questions in their survey.

In either case, we can say that Bitcoin has been able to make it presence felt in the mainstream markets recently. PayPal even asking these questions seem like a major step forward for the entire community, that too after being embraced by Dish TV and Expedia.

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