Bitcoin Konferenz Begins in Germany Today

Bitcoin Konfernz Begins in Germany Today
Bitcoin Konfernz Begins in Germany Today

Bitcoin Konfernz Begins in Germany Today

Wait for Bitcoin Konferenz is over as the date for it has finally come today. START POSITION in Cologne is providing an optimal location for the Bitcoin Konferenz where renowned speakers are coming to discuss and debate on Bitcoin. The organizers of the event claim that with this they are connecting German Bitcoin experts and interested parties, and providing an exclusive platform for exchange and an interesting program.

Though the event is free of charge, the organizers are expecting Bitcoin donations as it will help them manage the affairs in a better manner. The incubator START PLACE, located at Media Park, the heart of Cologne, was selected for its strategic location, as according to the organizers it represents a modern meeting place for startups and has proximity to Cologne’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Knowledge Sharing and Networking for Professionals in Agenda

The major focus of Bitcoin Konferenz is to bring experts in various fields who can deliver their views on exciting topics. The conference will also help Bitcoin professionals look at the business-related aspects and expand business the network with fellow Bitcoiners. The early part of Bitcoin Konferenz will address the potential and the social significance of Bitcoin systems.

On the other hand, in the afternoon the discussion will be on the practical work with the Bitcoin protocol i.e. discussions on Politics, economy, banks. A lot has happened in the Bitcoin economy recently, particularly the seizure of Silk Road is expected to become a topic in the ongoing Bitcoin Konferenz.


Expert and Experienced Speakers to Share their Views

Speakers will also be covering internationally operating technology and provide an insight into the social significance of Bitcoin. There will also be time for questions and sharing of knowledge where participants can ask question to experts to quench their curiosity about Bitcoin and its future in Germany and elsewhere.

Bitcoin Konferenz is expected to cover from law to coding to potential of the virtual currency. Some leading speakers in the conference are: Jochen Siegert, Achim Himmelreich, Dominic Breuker, Jan Goslicki, Aaron Koenig, Martin Wack, Daniel Neis, Tamás Blummer, Julian Schneider, Adrian Hotz, Christian Kammler, Stanislav Wolf, Jörn Wagner, Malte Möser, Jörg Platzer, and Jörg von Minckwitz.

Most of these speakers have varied backgrounds and running their own companies or have expertise in specific segments, and playing a vital role in the Bitcoin economy. The organizers of the event believe that participants will benefit a lot listening to the speakers.

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