Bitcoin Funfair to be Held in Stockholm on 14th and 15th February


Bitcoin Funfair to be Held in Stockholm on 14th and 15th February

Kägelbanan at Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg 1-3 on Södermalm in Stockholm is going to witness Bitcoin Funfair on 14th and 15th February. The organizers of the event say that it will be open from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm on both days. They admit that Bitcoin Funfair is a market, exhibition, music & arts event, deli, a theater as well as a fun tech show.

The organizers claim that a warm and delightful way to spend a weekend in February will be available for Bitcoin users. They believe that upcoming designers, new entrepreneurs, innovative creators and vintage shops will showcase and sell their products and services. Thus, there is bright prospect for all the participants willing to explore potential in Bitcoin.

In public statement the organizers say that there will be an array of arts and culture wherein people will be able to try out the new and innovative currency Bitcoin. Also, the idea is to demonstrate to people, business owners, innovators and emerging entrepreneurs that Bitcoin is a fun, modern and simple tool for economic transactions.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Funfair is going to see a lot of exciting events as well; for instance, together with artists, DJs, musicians and other creative souls, the organizers will transform Kägelbanan in Stockholm into a magical “market from the future” with dazzling colors, delicious food, interesting products, enchanting music and entertainment.

Looks like organizers are well prepared for Bitcoin Funfair wherein even kids will have plenty of entertainment. Inviting the parents to bring their kids, they say that kids will be able to access Kids Hack Day will be at the venue and there will be a spot where they can have fun swapping or selling/buying stuff they bring, with each other.

Bitcoin Funfair to Provide Fun and Platform for Stakeholders

Thus, the organizers of Bitcoin Funfair are not leaving any stone unturned to encourage shopping at the event. For instance, visitors will be asked to exchange at least 100 SEK to Bitcoin to enter the event. Also, users can choose to shop for these, save them or exchange them back to another currency.

Nonetheless, if someone is in or around Stockholm, Sweden, it is a great opportunity to understand Bitcoin. Bitcoin Fun Fair which is described as a “fun tech show, but, above all, a warm and delightful way to spend a weekend in February” is expected to do well. The event aims to spread awareness about Bitcoin and increase its popularity.

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