The Bitcoin Foundation Warns Bitcoiners as Fraudsters Clone the Website


The Bitcoin Foundation Warns Bitcoiners as Fraudsters Cloning the Website

A lot of Bitcoin hacking and several other scams have hit the digital currency in the last two years that this does not seem new; however, as the Bitcoin Foundation saw that over the past few days a significant uptick in complaints directed at its help desk about fraud being perpetrated upon innocent Bitcoin users, it has a issued warning.

Issuing the warning to the fellow users, the blog at the Bitcoin Foundation says, “The Bitcoin Foundation’s website is being cloned and spoofed at web addresses and domains that have absolutely nothing to do with the Bitcoin Foundation. The offending websites we know about at this time include and”

The blogger says that neither of these domains have anything to do with the Bitcoin Foundation. Nevertheless, as the Bitcoin Foundation has always been proactive in all such cases, it took the charge and fulfilled the obligation.

Warning fellow users, the Bitcoin Foundation says that if someone is contacted and directed to a page that looks like the screenshot pasted on the website, they should close their browser as they are about to be scammed out of their Bitcoin. The blog mentions the two offending sites: and

The Bitcoin Foundation has Taken Action Proactively

In the blog post, the Bitcoin Foundation says that it has received an influx of complaints from users about these fraudulent sites and is currently trying to have those two sites taken down. Nonetheless, the organization not just warned the Bitcoiners but also promised that it is taking steps available to it to help remove these offending websites from the Internet.

The blogger at the Bitcoin Foundation says, “While we only know of the two, we are continuing to monitor any other additional scam sites. If you come across anything that looks like this screen shot, or something similar perhaps in a language other than English, please forward the web address to with the subject line “SCAM SITE”.

Bitcoin industry which was rocked by the scam of $454 million worth of Bitcoin by Mt. Gox and the $127 million worth of Bitcoin by Silk Road has often been subjected to fraudsters who are always preying to the innocent users. The attempt by the Bitcoin Foundation to come quick on the criminals is being appreciated by Bitcoiners.

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