Bitcoin Foundation to Streamline Its Legal Services for Members

Bitcoin Foundation to Streamline Its Legal Services for Members
Bitcoin Foundation to Streamline Its Legal Services for Members

Bitcoin Foundation to Streamline Its Legal Services for Members

So that it can provide effective and efficient legal services to members, the Bitcoin Foundation is streamlining the entire process. Thus, with the streamlined process the organization would be able to assist members of the Bitcoin community in getting legal help without any obstacles or issues whenever they would want.

Calling it ‘Attorney Referral Service for Members’ it will bring several rich features for the members. For instance, they would be able to get a free attorney referral service from the Bitcoin Foundation which has been delivering its services for the last couple of years to help Bitcoin companies.

The Bitcoin Foundation Has Traditionally Been Helping Members

Also, the Legal Advocacy Committee, working with the foundation’s in-house attorneys that include General Counsel Patrick Murck, has successfully assisted numerous members with attorney searches in the past. Additionally, as the foundation maintains a growing list of attorneys based on various areas of expertise, members will get expert level legal services.

In its announcement through a blog, the Bitcoin Foundation said, “When the foundation’s website is redesigned later this year, there will be a page on the website for attorney referral requests. Until that time, if you are a member and are interested in an attorney referral, please send an email to, with the subject line “Attorney Referral Request.”


Members Asked to Be Specific About their Legal Issues

The announcement further says that the members sending the mail must also write that they are looking for an attorney in one or more of these areas: Civil litigation, Criminal / regulatory defense, Regulatory compliance, Tax, and Corporate / transactional (e.g., incorporation, acquisitions, and licensing).

According to the blog, members have choice to hire either pro bono assistance (i.e., the attorney will not charge them) or expect to pay the attorney should also be mentioned. However, the members are asked not to discuss their specific legal situation in the email. At the same time the foundation clears that it cannot and will not act as attorney for any member.

Thus, it looks the Bitcoin Foundation is making everything clear for members and says that it has already assisted “numerous” members in the past and maintains a “growing list” of attorneys dealing with nearly every relevant section of law. Many Bitcoin companies that have enrolled as member at the Bitcoin Foundation will be eligible for the services.

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