The Bitcoin Foundation to hold Roundtable Discussion for Bitcoin Developers in Boston


The Bitcoin Foundation to hold Roundtable Discussion for Bitcoin Developers in Boston

In an announcement the Bitcoin foundation says that it will be holding the first of a series of roundtable discussions for developers in Boston in February. Informing the media about the program Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation said that the biggest challenge for Bitcoin startups right now is finding the technical talent that understands the Blockchain technology.

According to him whatever the skill level or interest of anyone is, this event will give him or her solid grounding in Bitcoin Core and how they can contribute. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Foundation is trying to contribute positive in the Bitcoin ecosystem and for that it has even narrowed down its activities – the roundtable discussion is one such activity.

Gavin Andresen cleared that the roundtable discussion is for developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core. The organization informs that the event will be titled ‘Devcore Boston: Developing the Developers,’ and to be held on 11th February at District Hall, 75 Northern Avenue, Boston.

Informing the parties that want to attend it the Bitcoin Foundation says that ‘Devcore Boston’ will include a ‘Quick Hacks’ workshop, training and certification, consulting sessions with law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, panel discussions with leading technical experts, an in-depth Q&A with Bitcoin Core developers and networking opportunities.

Reorientation in the Goal and Approach towards Core Development

Sharing his views about the event and its goal, Sean Neville, CTO and co-founder of Circle, the title sponsor of the event said that Bitcoin’s ongoing maturity toward massive mainstream volume depends on attracting more people to code, test, debate and generally innovate in its open meritocracy. He also added that these roundtables help developers cross that threshold.

There has been reorientation in the goals and the approach of the Bitcoin Foundation as it is not trying to focus on core development. So far it has been focusing on education, outreach and public policy initiatives; however, now the organization is trying give more thrust on core development which according to it is lot important than others.

The reorientation in the approach of the Bitcoin Foundation came after it received data from the three surveys conducted by the Bitcoin Foundation, which focused on businesses, individuals and the general public. The surveys indicated that 44% of individual members supported the trade organization’s decision to focus more on core development.

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