The Bitcoin Foundation Should be Destroyed, Says Cody Wilson


The Bitcoin Foundation Should be Destroyed Says Cody Wilson

Cody Rutledge Wilson, an American crypto-anarchist, free-market anarchist, and gun-rights activist, says that the Bitcoin Foundation should be destroyed. Earlier this year he had announced in an interview that he would stand for election to a seat on the Board of Directors of the Bitcoin Foundation.

However, surprisingly, unlike other board members who are there at the post to promote Bitcoin, Cody Wilson had said that his aim was to destroy the Foundation. He had said that he wanted to run on a platform of the complete dissolution of the Bitcoin Foundation and begin and end every single one of my public statements with that message.

In his blog post Cody Wilson says that this Bitcoin Foundation works to provide the moral foundation for state action against Bitcoin and its apologists’ proliferating canards aren’t just the justification of the state-form in thought, but the State’s literal and active manifestation. He gives several reasons behind his dislike of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Will Wrestle the Foundation to Its Suicide

According to Cody Wilson for the State is not just institutional, it is imminent in thought – it guides, even determines thought’s possibilities. Elaborating further, he says that he will wrestle the Foundation to its suicide. He says that articles of Dissolution, the press, Daddy State and his AG, he will use any tool necessary to destroy the Bitcoin Foundation.

Nonetheless, he is quite open about his dislike of the Bitcoin Foundation when he says that though it is already wholly discredited, its death will make an inexpiable breach. According to him unpardonable too, since it will be an action against the orthodoxy of value – the only thing these banal Bitcoiners and legitimists seem to understand.

Bitcoin Foundation Was Always an Embarrassing Exercise in Bad Faith

His dislike for the Bitcoin Foundation can be understood from the lines, “This Bitcoin Foundation was always an embarrassing exercise in bad faith and state philosophy. It was always a vessel for frauds and second-rate minds to collude against the public. I invite you now to its ritual sacrifice.”

However, he makes it clear that his words should not be mistaken as part of some centralization controversy as he is not complaining that the Foundation is corrupt, superfluous, or has undue development influence. He says that he is willing to be realistic and admit the original intentions of the organization’s founders.

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