Bitcoin for Beginners: How to Get Bitcoins


Bitcoin for Beginners

Most of you are our avid readers and the continuous followers of our forex and Bitcoin education series. But if you are new to the world of Bitcoin, we recommend you to first read our article on creating Bitcoin wallets.

After learning how to create Bitcoin wallet, we will now explain the ways of getting Bitcoins for your wallet. As is obvious, there are several methods, meant for both technical and non-technical aspirants, which can be used to send Bitcoins to your wallets. They are explained below:

1. There are sites through which you can get free Bitcoin blocks, such as CoinAd and BitVisitor. This option is recommended strongly for beginners.


2. There are sites using which you can buy/sell Bitcoin. The renowned ones are BTC-e and BitStamp that facilitate the exchange of all types of fiat currencies with Bitcoin. They also support multiple systems to transfer funds. Sites like Bitcoin Nordic, mercaBit and SigloTienda sell Bitcoin through hundreds and thousands of points of sale worldwide.

3. Sites that accept payments via Western Union, such as Nanaimo Gold.

4. Sites, such as VirWoX, that accept Linden Dollars (the digital currency used in Second Life) in exchange for Bitcoins.

5. Site that accept Bitcoins as payment for goods or services. You can set a price in any currency and choose to automatically adjust prices in Bitcoin. Through Bitpay, payments in Bitcoins can also be automatically converted to the currency that the trader prefers.

6. Find people willing to sell Bitcoins: you can locate them via LocalBitcoins, tradebitcoin or places like specialized forums.

7. Engaging in Bitcoin Mining (We will explain this process in upcoming articles)

8. Markets that work without intermediaries such as bitcoin-otc (definitely not for novices), Bitcoinary (more user friendly interface) or ConectaBitcoin. In order to minimize the risk of fraud, these sites provide access to the reputation and transaction history of all its members.

9. Bitcoin based games that gives away Bitcoin blocks such as Dragon’s Tale (MMORPG), Strike Sapphire (casino) or Seals with Clubs (poker).

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