Bitcoin Finance Conference Begins at Dublin’s RDS Amidst Fanfare

Bitcoin Finance Conference Begins at Dublin’s RDS Amidst Fanfare
Bitcoin Finance Conference Begins at Dublin’s RDS Amidst Fanfare


Bitcoin Finance Conference Begins at Dublin’s RDS Amidst Fanfare

Bitcoin Finance conference has just started at Dublin’s RDS, or Royal Dublin Society which established to promote art, science and industry, and has been the home to some of the most game-changing events and organizations in Ireland since 1731. The two-day event has many luminaries as speaker and expected to attract global attention among Bitcoiners.

The event began with address by Jeremy Allaire, CEO – Circle who said that he believes that in 10-15 years sending money person-to-person will be as common as text messaging. He sounded quite optimistic about the entire development that is transforming the way international financial transactions are being replaced by Bitcoin.

Earlier, ahead of Bitcoin Finance conference he had requested the Bitcoin’s core developers to step up and create a more open, inclusive and well-defined process for the protocol’s development as he felt that the current state of development as very ad-hoc, reputation based and unwelcoming to new participants.

His views are also shared by Bitnet CTO Steve McNamara who says that people use innovation for things that are really just incremental and Bitcoin is true innovation. Giving his views at the conference, Mr. McNamara said that Bitcoin could generate a lot of revenue for banks.

Bitcoin Finance Conference Brings Brightest Minds in Finance, Banking, Business Together

The event began with positive vibes; an implication that the organizers are committed to bring the brightest minds in payments, finance, business, banking and Bitcoin together. The two-day event in Dublin will address the big questions and host fearless debates on the opportunities and risks involved with decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.


The participating professionals will discuss and shape the future of commerce, corporate strategy, and economic policy in the world of peer-to-peer digital currencies. The organizers of the event aim to provide a forum for meaningful dialogue about Bitcoin’s global relevance and applications.

The organizers also claim that Bitcoin Finance has an open submissions process and particularly welcomes submissions and participation from women and under-represented groups and geographies.

In this two-day conference, the first day is dedicated for compelling talks, panel discussions, and spirited debates about Bitcoin technology, economics, applications of the protocol, and regulatory and civil liberties concerns.

The day two is dedicated for presentations and discussions on next-generation payments, finance, economics and public policy, and the immediate opportunities and risks for institutions and corporate.

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