Bitcoin Expanding Fast in Europe, 400 Banks Allow Direct Bitcoin Purchases


Bitcoin Expanding Fast in Europe, 400 Banks Allow Direct Bitcoin Purchases

Close to 400 European banks are now allowing direct Bitcoin purchases; this has been made possible by, based out of Belize, entering an agreement with Sofort Banking. Under the agreement the bank has agreed to provide Bitcoin purchasing access to over 22,000 European bank branches throughout the continent.

The digital currency is emerging as a popular payment option for users despite the prices falling to significant levels. Also, there are various banks and outlets that are embracing Bitcoin. The new addition is European banks that are becoming associated with the digital currency as they realize that it has huge potential.

This is a major gain for Bitcoin when the going is tough for the digital currency. The new agreement is going to help the digital currency get more followers as it is going to expand the reach and increase credibility. Now that European banks joining the list of major retailers already accepting Bitcoin directly, the digital currency will gain news customers.

According to the statements from 247Exchange, it will take orders from customers and process it with their member European bank, with instant transactions that are completely secure and free for the sender. Sofort AG is a merchant/banking conglomerate out of Munich, Germany that represents over 30,000 merchants and hundreds of banks throughout Europe.

CEO Alexey Maximenko says that there are various reasons why people choose the services from his company. According to him speed, fair fees and reliability, etc. are some major reasons that prompt users to prefer the services from his organization. Also, purchasing Bitcoins has never been so easy in Europe.

Bitcoin is Making Great Inroads in Europe

However, according to him his company’s aim is to create a comfortable exchange for all cryptocurrency users no matter where they are located and what currency they use. Nonetheless, as Bitcoin is even easier to buy if users have a bank account in most European countries, a lot of Bitcoin transactions are now taking place.

Notwithstanding what Bitcoin transactions are making great inroads in Europe for various reasons and one of them is that it is easy for customers. All the need is to be a member of one of the hundreds of banks, and they can buy not just Bitcoin, but many other crypto-currencies as well quickly, and easily.

Under the new agreement that covers over 400 banks in ten countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, 99% of all banks in Germany to accept Bitcoin purchasing through 247Exchange. Slovenia and Hungary banks are still to come as an addendum to this agreement.

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