Bitcoin Europe Convention Begins in Amsterdam

Bitcoin Europe Convention Begins in Amsterdam
Bitcoin Europe Convention Begins in Amsterdam

Bitcoin Europe Convention Begins in Amsterdam

Bitcoin Europe Convention has just commenced in Amsterdam at the Rozen Theatre located at Rozengracht 117, 1016LV. According to organizers of the convention it is a non-profit that serves to increase awareness of digital currency technologies. The three-day event started on 26th September and will last till 28th September.

The convention is being sponsored by BitPay, Bits of Proof, HardBTC, ZipZap, PikaPay, and BIPS. For any information, they can be contacted at Tussen De Bogen 6, Amsterdam, 1016JB, Phone: +31 (0) 652326145. Interested parties can also reach by mail at

Celebrated Speakers

Tony Gallippi of BitPay, Aaron Koenig founder of Berlin Exchange, Nejc Kodrič, an entrepreneur at Bitstamp and several others are amongst the celebrated speakers. Organizers of the event are inviting all those who wish to contribute to Bitcoin and help it become even more successful than ever.


The organizers claim that they have taken the elements everyone loves about conferences, conventions and trade shows and left out all the boring stuff. Thus, the convention has been simplified down to 4 basic activities e.g. watch, ask, meet, and trade. The convention provides presentations that are suitable for TEDTalks from innovators in the field.

Benefits for Attendees

Bitcoin Europe Convention provides an attractive opportunity for Bitcoin enthusiasts to ask numerous panelists who work in the field and get their questions answered in the best possible manner. Nonetheless, as all the speakers have a lot of expertise, they are expected to provide a comprehensive outlook about Bitcoin that may help all those who wish to attend it.

Here Bitcoin enthusiasts can meet developers, investors, operators and supporters of all walks of life. They can also trade cryptocurrencies at the convention marketplace for food, gifts, technology and donate to real life charities. This international conference is expected to provide global perspective on Bitcoin and its implications.

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