Bitcoin Daily News: Bitcoin Price Rockets; Karpeles Avoids Visiting US; and Much More


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The major Bitcoin events that took place between April 15th and April 16th 2014. – It has been a great day for Bitcoin, price-wise indeed. While the other events related to this advanced digital currency had been quite temperamental. Look below to learn more:

Bitcoin Price Increases Again
Bitcoin prices continued their upward trend. Yesterday, its increase was about 9%. The minimum value was $452 and a maximum of $515.72. This increase comes after a difficult few weeks, during which Bitcoin’s price against the US Dollar suffered a major decline – down to $355 – due to rumors of the Chinese central bank threatening those financial institutions that operate with Bitcoin to close down the latter’s accounts. However, the state bank claimed to have no intention of banning activities linked to cryptocurrencies.

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Mt. Gox Turns Suicidal
Last week, we heard William Quigley, managing director of venture capital firm Clearstone Venture Partners, offering to revive Mt. Gox by paying the symbolic sum of 1 BTC. Although, we think it has rather hurt a corporate ego of the demised Japanese exchange as its representatives announced today that they are ready to liquidate Mt. Gox. The reason for this depressing announcement however also explains the Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles’ disability to tackle the ongoing bankruptcy procedures. The man has previously been accused of stealing money from customers and faking the entire episode as a successful hacking attack.

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Tim Draper: Bitcoin Has the Potential to Transform the World
The legendary investor Tim Draper of Silicon Valley participated in the TV show “In The Loop” that was aired on Bloomberg News. There he spoke about investment opportunities in technology, while mentioning Bitcoin’s potential in transforming the world. “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the world in a way Internet did in the past.”

Draper also spoke about their business with Bitcoin: “I own some Bitcoins and have invested in a series of cryptocurrency-related companies that are working on all kinds of projects.”

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Mark Karpeles Disregards US Judge Order to Appear in Court
Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles today said that he is not willing to travel to the US, replying to the summons by Texas Judge Stacey Jernigan who wanted him in the US for questioning before making any rulings on the Mt. Gox bankruptcy protection plea.

“Mr. Karpeles is now in the process of selecting an attorney to represent him before the FinCEN” said his current lawyer, who requested the postponement of the examination in the court of Texas until May 5. However, he refused to confirm whether his client will travel to the US

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