“Bitcoin Can Get Even Bigger”, Says Lead Developer of the Bitcoin Open Source Project

$200 Million Credit Card Scams Makes Bitcoins A Hero
$200 Million Credit Card Scams Makes Bitcoins A Hero

In an interview with CoinDesk, Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Foundation’s chief scientist and Bitcoin Open Source project’s lead developer, indicated that Bitcoin may get bigger and turn into a serious world currency in the future.

Gavin Anderson explained how he really liked the idea of people taking back control of their finances by using a decentralized currency. “It’s a really interesting project from a technical view. It’s a potentially world-changing idea”, said the developer when being asked about his fascination with Bitcoin.

The developer also answered few questions about his own financial stake in Bitcoin. He firmly replied with a ‘no’ but moved on explaining that his salary is still being paid in Bitcoin and he has also bought some thousand bitcoins in past when they were low-cost. “My financial life is actually pretty conservative. Despite holding some bitcoin, most of my investments are in boring mutual funds”, said Andresen.

Andresen also commented about the recent actions taken by the US government about seizing the accounts of Mt. Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange. He spoke about the impossibilities of every country taking strict actions to make Bitcoin transactions illegal. “I have trouble imagining that every single government in the world will decide to try to make it illegal.

It doesn’t seem likely to me. I can imagine some governments deciding they don’t like Bitcoin and trying to make it illegal, but I can (also) imagine some governments saying they really like Bitcoin.”