Bitcoin Boulevard to be Inaugurated in a Suburb in Cleveland Heights

Bitcoin Boulevard to be Inaugurated in a Suburb in Cleveland Heights
Bitcoin Boulevard to be Inaugurated in a Suburb in Cleveland Heights

Bitcoin Boulevard to be Inaugurated in a Suburb in Cleveland Heights

As Bitcoin is becoming popular and a large number of new and old businesses accepting the digital currency, Bitcoin Boulevard and Bitcoin Avenues are a reality now. The first of several Bitcoin boulevards coming up is in a suburb in Cleveland Heights. According to several local sources a number of businesses within the area have already begun welcoming Bitcoin.

The locality will have several businesses accepting Bitcoin. The first step came from a group of merchants in the neighborhood of Cedar-Lee who came together to form the first ever US Bitcoin Boulevard. According to reports starting this May, nine businesses will start accepting Bitcoin payments along Lee Boulevard.

The organizations running businesses like hotels and pubs are the ones that are in the forefront of the development. So far, a diner, a tavern, a pub and a winery have started accepting Bitcoin in exchange of their services and goods. The first business that announced to accept Bitcoin was The Wine Spot.

The Wine Spot in February announced that in order to provide one more option to pay, it included Bitcoin. It also offers attractive discounts on a selection of worldly wine and beer. According to co-owner of the winery, Adam Fleischer, once it accepted Bitcoin, it prepared other businesses in vicinity to accept the digital currency.

He says that the company’s decision to accept Bitcoin prompted other local business to give a thought to the digital currency. In fact, the Wine Spot’s experience generated interest by neighboring businesses to great extent and that was the point from where the discussion on developing the place as a Bitcoin Boulevard came in.


Constructed on the Pattern of Bitcoin Boulevard in Holland

The local businesses are extremely happy about Bitcoin for its cheaper processing fees compared to conventional payment processors as well security of personal information. For instance, when a customer hands someone his credit card, he is giving them all his personal information. However, there is no such requirement with Bitcoin.

Constructed in the pattern of Bitcoin Boulevard in the Netherlands, it will be the first in its kind in the US. According to the people who gave the idea, the concept of Bitcoin Boulevard will expand to other areas as well.

The concept of the Bitcoin Boulevard according to the experts will encourage spending and growth within a small community and help develop a Bitcoin Avenue some days later.

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