Bitcoin Black Friday To Be Hosted on 29th November

Bitcoin Black Friday To Be Hosted on 29th November
Bitcoin Black Friday To Be Hosted on 29th November

Bitcoin Black Friday To Be Hosted on 29th November

Several companies have agreed to bring the Bitcoin Black Friday offer wherein they are going to bring several deals for Bitcoin customers. Now, customers can get deals in a range of products from unlocked phones from GSM Nation to discounted plane tickets from and others.

Reports also say that OKCupid too is going to participate in the Black Friday; earlier this company started accepting Bitcoin in April this year.

Media Organizations Rendering their Support

Even some media organizations are showing their interest in Bitcoin Black Friday. Some media outlets like GOOD Magazine, is giving away $5 discounts for subscriptions on Black Friday. Similarly, another media outlet the Free Press is slashing shipping costs. There is also good news for Reddit users wherein they can avail an attractive deal on “Reddit Gold.”

Bitcoin users may also avail attractive deals from Gyft which is selling gift cards to Amazon, Target, and Marriott hotels. Bitcoin Black Friday is also being backed by Fight for the Future and according to the organization good companies that really get technology and the potential of Bitcoin are joining the bandwagon to make it even bigger.

Lower Transaction Fees for Better Deals

All the stuffs are of great quality assures a participating company. It also tells the participating customers that they can expect better deals as there are considerably lower transaction fees in comparison to credit cards. For instance, the deals for Bitcoin Friday, in comparison to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, could be 3% to 5% cheaper than conventional deals.


It is the second edition of Black Friday; however, this year is going to be even more successful than ever as the Bitcoin’s prices are skyrocketing. Recently, it touched the benchmark of $900 on Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange. So far, about 150 businesses have agreed to participate in Bitcoin Friday which is double to what the number was the last year.

Growing Number of Merchants and Customers

However, the organizers are enthusiastic this year as they expect that more than 500 merchants will be participating as new entries are coming every new hour. The organizers, however, believe that the success depends a lot on the number of consumers participating in Bitcoin Black Friday as it will attract more merchants to cash in the event.

The numbers of customers is increasing; so far, the website of the organizers have received over 2,500 emails which when compared with the last year, is an addition of 2000 more. Some organizations backing the event such as Bitcoin Investment Trust are here to help Bitcoin become bigger and mainstream.

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