Bitcoin-24 Exchange Resumes Long After Its Closure in April

Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders
Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders

Bitcoins-24, once the Europe’s biggest bitcoin exchanger, is now emerging bit by bit after its closure back in April by Berlin prosecutors. The indication first came when a user UNDERPAIDBITGTIME reported its successful withdrawals of Euros from the exchanger.

Later, a news alert from Bitcoin-24’s law firm, Röhl, Dehm & Partner, further cleared that the exchanger has picked up where it had left off and is expecting to notify its users by email about their due payments from Bitcoin-24′s German Commerzbank AG.

Giving further details about the email, Attorney for Bitcoin-24 Mr. Christian M. Röhl mentioned the users will have to confirm the payment amount due to them along with other details such as name, address, date and place of birth and nationality. He also stated that the mails might reach users’ spam folders and requested users to mark their mails as ‘not spam’ to avoid any confusion. The attorney also apologized humbly for the delay and convenience.

But the question arises, who will be going to apologize to Bitcoin-24 for accusing them of being allegedly involved in money laundering and fraud by Berlin prosecutors, resulting in the seizure of exchanger’s German and Polish bank accounts. Since Bitcoin-24 is coming slowly back to life, it has been announced that it might have been cleared from all the charges. Röhl-Dehm & Partner also stated, “This means that the suspicions concerning our client in relation to the alleged fraud and money laundering could not be substantiated.”
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