Bitcoin 2014 Exhibition to Be Held in Amsterdam in May This Year

Bitcoin 2014 Exhibition to Be Held in Amsterdam in May This Year
Bitcoin 2014 Exhibition to Be Held in Amsterdam in May This Year

Bitcoin 2014 Exhibition to Be Held in Amsterdam in May This Year

Today in an announcement, the Bitcoin Foundation said that the dates have been declared for “Bitcoin 2014: Building the Digital Economy”, an international exhibition that will be centered on digital currencies from May 15 to May 16. The venue has been decided to be the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The organization says that participants can register with the organization logging in at and even receive early bird offers/discounts. The organization expects that the event will attract more participants this year, as the curiosity has gone one notch up from last year’s event, particularly, after the successful events that were held recently.

Every arrangement is being kept tight by the organizers who believe that this time turnout could be higher than what it got last year. To accommodate more participants, the Bitcoin Foundation booked the Passenger Terminal which can accommodate up to 3,000 event visitors. Thus, it looks like the organizers are not leaving any stone unturned to make the event successful.

Nonetheless, the strategically located venue won’t be difficult to locate for participants. As the Passenger Terminal is located just 19 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by car, and is also accessible by public transportation as well as boasting impressive views of the nearby canals, participants would definitely have a good time.


An Extraordinary Platform for Bitcoiners

Aimed at providing a platform wherein stakeholders and interested parties can put their ideas in the exhibition, Bitcoin 2014 Exhibition may set an agenda for Bitcoin which is facing some difficulties these days. It is expected that speakers at the event will be discussing about the future of Bitcoin which is facing new challenges as a lot of incidence of hacking have happened recently.

Nevertheless, the annual international forum, exhibition and networking conference, Bitcoin 2014 to be organized by the Bitcoin Foundation for the FinTech industry will be a major booster. The mega event will provide a perfect platform for investors, technologists, regulators, executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and policymakers, etc. to gather to collectively shape the future of Bitcoin.

If the precedence has to do anything, the last i.e. Bitcoin 2013, was hosted in Silicon Valley and attracted the largest gathering to date. Then over 1,200 attendees, speakers and exhibitors participated in the successful exhibition. Now, the year 2014 which has gained a lot of momentum thanks to some good and some bad events, recently, will attract more than 3000 people.

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