Bitcoin 2013 Conference to Be Held Coming May 17-19 in San Jose, CA


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In between the gravity loving stock market conditions, another currency is mounting high. Bitcoins, a widely adapted digital currency, will soon be a hot discussion topic in the coming Bitcoin 2013 Conference, which will be held between May 17 and 19 in San Jose, CA.

Soaring high since its inception, Bitcoin has been riding a roller-coaster of speculations, with its value surpassing the currency leader USD. The conference will be discussing the rising trend of bitcoins and future of it in international currency platforms.

The conference will begin on Friday, May 17 with an inaugural presentation and live broadcast by Mark Edge and Ian Freeman, hosts of the famous political talk show ‘Free Talk Live’. The event will also see and enjoy the conversations with the renowned financial experts, including the BTC developer Jeff Garzik, the BTC architect Gavin Andresen, Bitcoins Mines operator Cedric Dahl, Coinbase Founders Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, BitPay co-founder and CEO Anthony Gallippi, OpenCoin CEO and co-founder Chris Larsen, creator and lead developer for Litecoin Charles Lee, CTO for Bitpay Stephen Pair, and other experts.

Many keen bitcoin enthusiasts from financial domain including technologist, financial capitalists, traders, brokers, financial regulators, etc. are showing interest to join the event. The event will cover the major aspects of bitcoins and their role in banking, payments, etc. and the other topics like, the fading gap between traditional banking and bitcoins, liberating aspects of bitcoin, role of bitcoins in metal, equities and bonds, etc.

People who have keen interest in bitcoins and trade around can also join the event by simply registering online. Interested ones will just have to spend either 3 BTC or $300 for a ticket that will make them eligible for the conference. The price of the ticket may go up on the day of the event, so it is better to register in advance. To know more about the conference and its events’ schedules, please visit

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