Bit4coin Teams up with MK Payment to launch ‘Bitupcard’ in Turkey


Bit4coin Teams up with MK Payment to launch 'Bitupcard' in Turkey

Bit4coin has teamed up with MK Payment to launch ‘Bitupcard’ to help Bitcoin users in Turkey get the digital currency with ease. The Amsterdam-based Bitcoin seller says that Berlin-based MK Payment showed its interest to launch ‘Bitupcard,’ an e-voucher scheme that enables over-the-counter purchase of Bitcoin in 30 retail stores throughout Turkey, it agreed.

Nonetheless, according to Dolf Diedrichsen, Bit4coin’s founder and CEO, one of the most difficult problems of Bitcoin is still how to get them; however, with the latest decision to partner with MK Payment is definitely going to solve it to some extent. He also added that it could also be made available at up to 5,000 Turkish locations in the near future.

The company claims that framing the e-voucher scheme as a way to simplify the on-ramp to Bitcoin ownership has been the fundamental goal. Dolf Diedrichsen admits that his company wanted to bring Bitcoin for everyone. It wants to ensure availability of the digital currency so that ordinary users can get them with ease.

To change the perception that Bitcoin is not available freely his company is bringing Bitcoin to a trusted retail environment. He says, “Now there is no need to register an account and send money to some unknown website, no hassle with passwords or security, just an easy way to buy some Bitcoin.”

The Company Aims to Ensure Availability of Bitcoin for Every User

According to Diedrichsen his firm is not able to sell Bitcoin vouchers in Germany yet for regulatory reasons; however, with the launch in Turkey is definitely going to boost its presence. He added that this actually works out quite well for his company as Turkey is not a very big Bitcoin country yet; however, it provides with a test bed.

He added that his company does have plans to provide this service in other countries in the near future as well. Elaborating how to use Bitupcard a source from the company says that it is similar to the process of buying mobile top-up credit. Any buyer can get them selling the Turkish lira; they will be given a paper receipt printed with a voucher code.

Once the buyers have got the code, they must then type in the unique code along with a Bitcoin address at They also need to have wallet for storing their Bitcoin which will be sent to their address within four hours.

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