Binary Options School

The Binary Options School is an exclusive feature of Here you can start learning the basics of binary options trading bit by bit. We cater especially to traders who want to learn the basis of the financial markets and become successful binary options traders.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are ideal if you want to get a better insight into the future price movements that are relevant to binary options trading. The most common aspects of technical analysis are using graphs and charts to forecast the future price movements of particular stocks, securities or currency pairs on the markets.


Fundamental Reports

You can be in touch with the latest fundamental reports by following the world’s leading news sources. The most updated ones can be accessed via the Internet. You can also purchase these via newspaper or magazines. You need to find a news source that you trust and find reliable that will provide you with fundamental reports on a daily basis. These reports are released frequently during market trading hours.


Economic Calendar

One of the most effective ways to conduct binary options analysis and keep ahead of the market is to constantly follow an accurate economic calendar. The most important events to follow are upcoming developments which will affect the markets. The most volatile market that traders follow via economic calendars is the forex market. For example, traders make important decisions before and after releases that are published.


What is Binary Options?

Binary options are a new category of investments in which traders can forecast which direction they expect their option to move by the time of expiry. Once an investor purchases a binary option on any given platform, this gives the investor the right to buy the underlying asset at a particular price and with a fixed expiry time.


Market Overview

Binary options is one of the world’s newest forms of trading on the financial arena. Binary options give traders with no previous financial experience the opportunity to enter a new market with the ability to make profit with a small initial investment. This market is unique in that it is exclusive in enabling you to trade the way you like


What is Stocks?

By owning a stock you have partial ownership of a company on each of the assets on a percentage of all the earnings. Virtually all individuals buyers of stock do not have much say over the company’s stocks they may own. However, the structure of individuals owning stocks gives stocks themselves value.


What is Commodities?

The simplest definition of a commodity is the buying/selling of a raw material. Until recently the international markets were dominated by stock market trading rather than commodities trading. This has changed in the past few years, as the number of traders on the commodities market has increased dramatically.


What is Currencies?

Currency is a means of purchasing via trading. The currency market is a multi-trillion dollar market, making it the world’s largest market.

Currency trading is conducted through market makers and traders. Traders make trades through brokers, who in turn initiate matching trades on the interbank market.


Binary Analysis

3 of the most effective ways to conduct binary options analysis is through a viable Economic Calendar, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.