Binary Options Broker eXbino Gifts Apple Products to Traders


European binary options broker eXbino has announced that it is gifting Apple products to its high-end clients.

The broker, which is widely recognized for offering the most secure and stable binary trading services, puts special focus on amplifying clients’ satisfaction with its additional bonus offers. It therefore brings expensive Apple products to traders that are trading with higher minimum deposits at their binary options trading platform.

For instance: eXbino offers a free iPad Air 16 GB to investors who make a deposit of at least 2500 EUR. In addition to this expensive reward, the broker also offers a 100% bonus to these investors.

Similarly, those depositing a minimum of 5000 EUR receives a free iPhone 6 64 GB, a product whose market value is around 1000 USD at press time. Like the offer above, eXbino further offers an additional 100% bonus on this deal as well.

The binary options platform goes as far as to offering a Macbook Air 13” laptop when investors make a minimum deposit of 10,000 EUR. This offer comes alongside with an additional bonus fund of 2500 EUR.

In addition to these offers, what a trader gets from eXbino is a smooth trading environment. The binary options platform offered by the company ensures traders of 100% fund safety, expandable market trading options, broad range of assets, quick settlements, fast servicing and an impeccable customer support system.

“As one of the leading entities in the binary options market, we offer an innovative platform providing an easy, intuitive, and safe way of investing in forex, commodity, and stock markets and stock market indices,” eXbino stated.

“The trading instruments we offer create nearly unlimited possibilities of trading in options, thus the investors can easily control the risk and potential profits, enjoying an extensive range of instruments with preferred investment periods.”

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