Bayside Corp. launches Vault 51, secure offline storage for Bitcoin


Bayside Corp. launches Vault 51, secure offline storage for Bitcoin

When Bitcoin storage is becoming risky thanks to several hacking attempts, the users are worried about the security of their deposits, Bayside Corp. has announced through its subsidiary company Bitcoinz USA, that it has launched Vault 51. It is offline storage for Bitcoin which according to the company is safer than online Bitcoin wallets.

The announcement from Bayside Corp. says that the offline Bitcoin wallet is a part of the initial steps in the company’s Vault 51 international expansion plans. According to the company the Vault 51 website will also now be available in multiple languages including French, German and Italian; thus, it will customer a wide segment of customers from Europe.

The press release from the company says that previously, Vault 51 was only available to consumers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The company says that the latest industry figures, over 100,000 merchants worldwide now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the demand for safe and secure Bitcoin wallet has gone up.

To cater the requirements from the increased number of customers, Bayside Corp. came up with the idea to expand its operations to the new region. Gordon Johnson, CEO of the company says that the international launch of Vault 51 is happening at the right time in order to take advantage of the growth in the Bitcoin eco-community.

Several Bitcoin hacking cases in the past have generated threat among the users. Earlier when Mt. Gox, the biggest Bitcoin exchange lost the valuable investments from the customers, lots of users did not suspect the security. However, as several other Bitcoin exchanges started losing their Bitcoin from the wallets, the real question of Bitcoin security came up.

Offline Bitcoin Wallet are Safer than Online Wallets

Now that Bayside Corp. has brought in the offline Bitcoin wallet, customers can stay assured about the security of Bitcoin deposits. Also, not just Bitcoin wallet, the company says that the sale of Bitcoin will also be available to consumers in Switzerland through its Vault 51 website. Thus, the company has tried to provide complete solution for the Bitcoin customers.

Nonetheless, Bayside Corp. also announced the expansion of Vault 51’s social media presence with the launch of the Official Vault 51 Twitter and Google Plus Pages. The company assures the customers that offline storage system for Bitcoin users is safe and secure and the best option than online Bitcoin wallets that have history of being hacked.

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