Banx Capital Brings New Online Bitcoin Exchange, to Become the Largest Cryptocurrency Corp


Banx Capital Brings New Online Bitcoin Exchange, to Become the Largest Cryptocurrency Corp

Following the goal to become the largest cryptocurrency corporation, the Banx Capital Group has decided to add a new Bitcoin exchange to its portfolio. Nonetheless, the launch of its digital currency trading platform, Banx Trade, powered by CryptoNext is expected to help it mark its presence in the digital currency ecosystem well.

According to the press release from Banx Capital the announcement follows the group’s acquisition of both Atomic Trade and Crypto Articles in the last three months. Earlier it launched Digital Money Times,, Banx Cards, Crypto Profit and Banx Forum as well as the setup of a new mining farm Banx Mining.

Banx Capital also produces physical crypto coins through Banx Mint. Nevertheless, with such ambitious ventures at the service, Banx Capital’s goal is to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency corporation, led by CEO Mark Lyford, an internet millionaire who believes in the future of Bitcoin technology.

Talking to media professionals Mark Lyford further elaborated that he went from working in a one bedroom apartment heavily in debt to creating 32,000 sites and bringing in over $2,000,000 a year in recurring income. He further informs that the excitement he felt then, he feels now about Bitcoin and Banx.

Nonetheless, boasting an impressive trading volume of $20,000,000 per day on average, the Banx Capital Groups’ holdings consist of a growing portfolio of Bitcoin-related businesses that include mining operations, brokerage services, ATMs, prepaid cards, and even online betting. With diverse ventures, Mark Lyford sounds like he wants to become a king of cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, the company was not formed long ago but in December 2013; however, soon after the formation, it launched Banx Shares in a digital currency based IPO in September 2014. The latest announcement according to the company sources is a strong step by Banx Capital in their ongoing goal to establish their leadership in the global crypto currency sphere.

Banx Capital Wants to Establish Leadership in Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Nonetheless, BanxTrade, powered by Crypto Next, will be a fully regulated digital to Fiat currency exchange, designed for people wanting to trade on the volatility of the Bitcoin price. Elaborating his point Business Manager Simon Dodd says that Banx Capital is making it easy for people that the organization brings into the world of Crypto currencies to trade between Fiat and Bitcoin.

He further says that there is a large trading volume on the exchange already but with the 50,000 people we are bringing into the crypto world over the next 6-8 months this is set to increase massively.

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