B.C. Police Seize Medical Marijuana Shipments, Which Buyers Abandon


B.C. Police Seize Medical Marijuana Shipments, Which Buyers AbandonVancouver police explained on their website that the reason they recently detained two medical marijuana shipments bound for Ontario was because they contained unauthorized products.

However, the importers, Smith Falls, Ontario-based Tweed Marijuana Inc and Toronto-based Mettrum Ltd said that they obtained the requisite paperwork from federal authorities to source the products, which was confirmed by Health Canada.

Nonetheless, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the goods seized at the Kelowna International Airport contrasted to what was listed in the approvals.


“The marijuana did not match what was authorized to be transferred, and was seized by the RCMP as it contravened Section 261 and 264 of the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations,” Staff Sgt. Duncan Pound said on the statement posted on the website.

Despite the claims, the officers have refused to name the prohibited items. Until the end of March, personal licensed producers were allowed to sell marijuana seeds or plants to the new approved commercial growers but with the approval of the transaction by Health Canada. The rules banned sales of finished or dried marijuana products.

Tweed and Mettrum are two of the 12 registered growers who though they have their own production facilities, opted to import a few products from British Columbia personal producers to meet a shortfall. They both maintain that they adhered to the laws when importing their products.

“I know what was in our shipment. It did not contain dried marijuana,” Keelan Green, a Mettrum spokesman, was quoted by Vancouver Sun. However, the companies have withdrawn their demands to obtain their items.

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