AVG Technologies Hosting a Cryptocurrency Meet-Up this Wednesday


AVG Technologies Hosting a Cryptocurrency Meet-Up this Wednesday

ForexMinute.com – AVG Technologies, the world’s most renowned mobile security, PC optimization, Internet security and privacy software provider, is now taking a special interest in Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies, owing to the recent security threats the latter has faced.

The online security professionals have consequently announced a Cryptocurrency Meet-Up at their San Francisco office this Wednesday, in which they will discuss various security challenges faced by virtual currencies today. AVG has invited anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols in general.

The company throws-in an instance to make its point, explaining how everyone thinks of keeping their Bitcoins, Litecoins and other digital currencies is safe and secure offline wallets. “With the advent of Bitcoin 1.5 and multi-signature systems, this concern becomes more manageable for the mass market,” writes AVG Chief Strategy Office Todd Simpson while explaining how people use multiple keys – a total of two or three – to detect any suspicious behavior in their transactions, and ensuring endpoint security as the cryptocurrencies continues to evolve.


“Regardless of the exact evolution of cryptocurrencies over the next few years, AVG has a part to play. By protecting endpoints, and giving users more confidence in transacting, we can play an active role in this space,” adds Todd.

Meanwhile, he also discusses about a new open source project called Ethereum in particular. As per the reports, it will going to be the major attraction of the meet-up. The writer also gives a teasing hint about Ethereum for those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are still unaware of its forthcoming role in securing digital currency transactions.
The Ethereum project has also been revealed at the recent Bitcoin Conference 2014 in Miami.

The event will be held on March 26th this Wednesday at AVG’s San Francisco office. If you wish to be a part of it, please click here.

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