AvaTrade Adds Litecoin Trading to its Services


AvaTrade Adds Litecoin Trading to its Services

The Ireland-based forex brokerage firm has also announced to offer a 10:1 leverage on Litecoin Trading

ForexMinute.com – Ireland’s renowned retail forex broker AvaTrade has announced to include the Litecoin trading feature to its services.

The news came into light amidst the ongoing frenzy against Bitcoins, whose value have has dropped since Mt. Gox’s shutdown and bankruptcy reports. With a million-dollars worth of investment going missing from the Japanese exchange, owing to an alleged cyber-attach, investors have already been fishing for the less-riskier alternatives to Bitcoins. Litecoin, on the other hand, has already been branded as the next-best thing in the cryptocurrency arena – a reason why AvaTrade might have inclined towards adding its trading services to its forex trading platform, alongside Bitcoin.


The forex trading broker has also decorated its Litecoin trading services by including an attractive 10:1 leverage on it. Whilst, it has been offering 20:1 leverage on Bitcoins.
With a reputed name like AvaTrade associating with an emerging digital currency like Litecoin, the latter is hopeful to attract more investors towards it. Our experts at ForexMinute.com have already speculated Litecoin’s capabilities to meet or surpass Bitcoin’s standards anytime in the future; thanks to its fast, secure, and none the least well-marketed features.

Meanwhile, AvaTrade’s very own extensive client-base will find it attractive enough to trade an altcoin which is infinitely cheaper than Bitcoin. AvaTrade has indeed made a smart move to evolve traders towards trading in digital currencies via its platform.

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