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Automated Forex TradingThe auto trading reviews in this section are here for you to research whenever you want. Automated trading is one of the most popular ways to trade forex and other leading financial instruments today.

ZuluTrade Review

ZuluTrade was founded in 2006 by Leon Yohai, and is a leading provider of forex trading signals. It is an interface, allowing you to choose from hundreds of different signal providers to automatically trade your broker account for you. ZuluTrade effectively converts the world’s leading professional traders by an effective executable trade. This has fulfilled the vision of bridging the back between priceless information in the financial markets and trade execution. This review focuses on this revolutionary ways of trading the forex market, whereby you have the potential to vastly increase your returns.

Company Information

Founded in:
Athens, Greece
The Owner:
ZuluTrade Inc.
Phone Number:
+44 20 3355 8805, +1 917 628 2237, +30 213 0176 399
Languages available:
English, Russian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Farsi, Finnish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Turkish

Main Features

The ZuluTrade technology has revolutionized the way people trade the forex market, as you can be at work while your trades are automatically executed.An effective interface has been created where traders can meet and professionals can show off their trading systems. At the same time, beginners can use these signals, while the pros build a portfolio of clients.

The great aspect of the service is that it is free of charge to the end user. ZuluTrade creates its revenues from the brokers which use their systems. In turn, these rebates are shared with signal providers. Therefore, everyone has the potential to be a winner when it comes to forex trading.

In order to take advantage of the ZuluTrade autotrading services, users must be clients of specific brokers. These brokers currently include Ava FX, and several other leading brokers. You can get started by opening a live account with a broker such as, and then open an account with ZuluTrade.

There are many hundreds of signal providers you can pick from to improve and automate your trading. The end user can research which of these signal providers have the best profit history, least risk and highest percentage of winning trades. The best thing to do is deposit a large sum of money in your trading account to enable flexibility. Additionally, make sure you do your research into the most desirable signal providers.

It is important to remember that ZuluTrade is the interface which connects the end user’s account to the automated trading signals. There is a demo account available, and you must fill out your details and fax them to ZuluTrade to use their services.

Customer Support

There are several different emails addresses and we sent an email to two of these addresses. We received a professional response very quickly, showing what good customer support ZuluTrade has. There is also a number of international support numbers. We called one of these numbers that was base in Greece and the representative was quick to answer our questions. There is also a live chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User Friendly

The website is highly user friendly and it is simple to navigate to where you need to be. You can easily find which of the signal providers best suit your needs. Search by the percentage of winning trades, pip count, average time per trade, average pips profit per trade, number of people subscribed, maximum draw down, average time in each trade and more. The fact that all these providers’ trades are audited makes the viewable details legitimate.

Quickly view the tradse of your account in the My Account section. Also, effectively manage your signal providers with minimal hassle.You may regularly view the open trades in your account and close them manually at any time. Moreover, check out the Margin Call-O-Meter to learn more about how to avoid your forex broker account being wiped out by margin calls.

We tried the ZuluTrade services for three months and made some desirable profits from our trades. If you are interested in automating your forex trading by letting someone else trade for you, then this service maybe jut he right choice for you.

Ultimate Overview

It is a great experience going through the hundreds of different signal providers to see which ones are the best performers. Trades are opened and closed automatically while you are at work or sleeping, as the professionals are trading for you. A good tip is to trade with a maximum of two or three signal providers at one time, so your potential risks will be minimized. If you want to start trading the forex market by choosing your best signal provider and have your trades executed for you, then take a further look into what ZuluTrade has too offer.

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