Australia’s PM Backs Legalization of Medical Marijuana


Australia’s PM Backs Legalization of Medical MarijuanaAustralia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott threw his weight behind the proposed legalization of medical marijuana.

Mr. Abbott, in a letter sent to radio host Alan Jones, said that no further tests are needed if medical cannabis is legalized in other jurisdictions, taking the issue to a new level than New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird. Mr. Baird has already allowed a clinical trial to examine the effect of medical marijuana.

“I have no problem with the medical use of cannabis, just as I have no problem with the medical use of opiates,” Mr Abbott wrote in the August 23 letter, according to Sydney Morning Herald. “If a drug is needed for a valid medicinal purpose though and is being administered safely there should be no question of its legality. And if a drug that is proven to be safe abroad is needed here it should be available. I agree that the regulation of medicines is a thicket of complexity, bureaucracy and corporate and institutional self interest. My basic contention is that something that has been found to be safe in a reliable jurisdiction shouldn’t need to be tested again here.”

Jones has been conducting the campaign for 24-year-old Dan Haslam, a terminal cancer sufferer who uses medical marijuana to ease nausea caused by chemotherapy. Mr. Abbott’s support was greeted by Mr. Haslam’s mother, Lucy, who is coordinating an online petition that seeks to legalize marijuana for treating chronic pain.

Mr. Baird said on Tuesday that the clinical trial on the use of medical pot will compile a report on the issue before the end of this year. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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