Australian Medical Marijuana Activists Want Clinical Trials Expanded


Australian Medical Marijuana Activists Want Clinical Trials ExpandedMedical marijuana advocates in Australia want the clinical trials of the drug to be widened to incorporate more medical conditions instead of terminal ones only, and that it should be made available faster in order to alleviate the patients’ suffering.

Politicians, medical professionals and the affected families advocate for the expansion of the trials following a decision by health ministers to back the clinical trials.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday said that he fully supported the trials that will be commissioned by NSW Premier Mark Baird. The Victoria state is also due to conduct its own trials.

“We need immediate compassionate action for kids with severe epilepsy; this is an immediately life-threatening condition which constantly reduces brain function because of the seizures,” said medical researcher Andrew Katelaris in an interview with The Australian.

Dr Katelaris disclosed that initial trials showed that cannabis had reduced 80 percent of the seizures in patients with intractable epilepsy.

Meanwhile, the gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania is proving a significant influence on the future of medical marijuana in the state. Though the law legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is due to take effect on Oct. 20, Republican Governor said he doesn’t support it.

This is in contrast to the stance taken by his opponent, Democratic candidate Tom Wolf, who says the drug should be legalized immediately, though he urged caution before legalizing its recreational use.

The bill is expected to find the going tough in the Republican-majority state House of Representatives. The House Health and Judiciary committees have stated that they plan to conduct public hearings on the draft law before placing it for a vote, though no specific timeframe has been set for the hearings. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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