Australian Bitcoin Startup, to Get New Funding from International Investors


The ambitious plan to expand operations and serve global clientele for will now be going the smooth way as following an initial round of seed funding, US entrepreneur, Jesse Chenard, has been announced as both a major investor and company advisor. Thus, the Australian Bitcoin startup is all set to secure funds and expand its reach soon.

The Bitcoin Company that has become a one-stop shop to buy, sell, send and request cryptocurrencies, was founded by Australian internet entrepreneur, Rick Day, and New York attorney, Patrick Manasse. Also, this is one of few digital currency providers to feature BPAY and direct debit facilities.

According to the sources from the company, the funds will help it further provide a platform that promises for completely secure transactions. It believes that while there are a lot of questions about how to treat Bitcoin as a currency, there is no doubt that it has real purchasing power and that is also a reason that investors and stakeholders are not running away.

Advocating that there should be a fair price for buying and selling Bitcoin, believes that the price of a Bitcoin should be determined by the users and should be fair and transparent. It also believes that the platform should be completely transparent to its users and the customers must not be charged any hidden fees.

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The latest attempt to raise funds to finance the operations it is expanding to new regions is quite successful. The company believes that the funds will allow find success in other international markets, including India, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. True to the nature of the people working for the company, will have inter-continental presence.

For instance, the company has been able to become the largest digital currency exchange platform in India when it comes to trade volume. One factor that helps the company expanding in India is that Rick Day, co-founder of igot, has several team members that belong to India or have some connection with the country.

The company is able to carve a niche for its services as it is filling the gap in market and offers users a more convenient and secure way to exchange digital currencies to and from anyone, anywhere in the world and at a very low cost to the consumer. Now, aims to cash in the potential available in the Asia-Pacific market.

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