Australian Bitcoin ATMs soon to be Unveiled

Australian Bitcoin ATMs soon to be Unveiled
Australian Bitcoin ATMs soon to be Unveiled

Australian Bitcoin ATMs soon to be Unveiled

Australia is becoming a favorite play ground for Bitcoin as it is receiving a better response from the companies that are accepting it. Whereas one law firm ‘LegalVision’ today announced that it is accepting Bitcoin, Fine Cigars Australia too came up with the decision that it is now accepting Bitcoin payments.

Good news from Australia is that Bitcoin ATMs will be unveiled around the country. There will soon open 100 Bitcoin ATMs in Australia which will help customers convert their digital currency to physical dollars on the street.

Bitcoin ATMs Will Provide Comprehensive Services

Nevertheless, the ATMs will not only facilitate the conversion of Bitcoin to physical currency and vice versa but will also open a new avenue wherein they get them without much hassle. The local media has reported that the company producing the ATMs says that customers will be able to get better experience in converting their Bitcoin or the national currency than ever.

A source from the company says that customers would need to tell the ATM how much Bitcoin they want to sell, before going out into the marketplace to conduct the said trade and convert it into physical currency on the spot. Here customers can also deposit cash to purchase more Bitcoins and then use it to trade.


LegalVision in Australia to Accept Bitcoin for Its Services

Earlier ForexMinute reported that Israel was perhaps the first country wherein lawyers were allowed to charge their clients in Bitcoin; now Australian law firm LegalVision too has become some of the rarest legal services providers who can charge in Bitcoin. This legal service provider has reportedly become the first legal organization to allow its customers to pay in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin which is known for its efficiency and fast transactions has received support from the law firm as according to Lachlan McKnight, LegalVision chief executive his firm was interested in using the crypto-currency because it fitted with the online firm’s emphasis on efficiency and innovation.

McKnight is also of view that Bitcoin made perfect sense for the fraternity to start using digital currency as it provided online legal advice and documents. Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, can be used to transfer money on the internet without much hassle as it does not involve bank; rather, it allows customers to transact with each other directly.

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