Auroracoin Soars 70% in Just 24 Hours


Auroracoin Value Rises 70% within Last 24 Hours – The sine wave nature of Auroracoin breaks with its constant uprising in the last 48 hours. After rising almost 90% two days earlier, the Icelandic coin continues to mount by rising 70% further within the last 24 hours. Auroracoin’s gain is recorded to be the maximum within the aforementioned period, followed by its Spanish counterpart SpainCoin and third-largest cryptocurrency Litecoin, both which also impressed by rising substantially.

Earlier we made you notice the two consecutive days of Auroracoin that were completely contrary to each other, as far as Auroracoin’s price performance is concerned. The coin has also joined the group of the potentially-volatile virtual currencies by falling 50% and rising 90% just within a mere period of 48 hours. Although, it seems to be rising further if its performance of the last 24 hours is concerned.


The current Auroracoin’s price, at the time of writing, is around $14.92.

The Possible Movements of Auroracoin’s Price in the Future
If a tech analysis has to be made, Auroracoin today is one of the most uncertain cryptocurrencies; thanks to its scheduled airdrop that will distribute around 31.8 AUR to each Icelandic citizen for free. Although, the impact of the airdrop alone can’t decide the Auroracoin’s future course on international stage. It solely depends on how the Icelandic people plan to use this virtual currency. They can hold them, spend them or ignore them – with each action deciding the rise, fall and steadiness of the Auroracoin’s prices, respectively.

We will keep you updated on Auroracoin events the moment any information comes out of the wires.

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