AUD/USD Signals Bullish Continuation by Breaking a Trendline

AUD/USD Signals Bullish Continuation by Breaking a Trendline

The AUD/USD was bearing since mid, late-July, when price fell from 0.9474 down to 0.9239 last week. Since then, traders have bid up the Aussie-US Dollar pair. The 2 main signals that the market is shifting away from the bearish outlook are:
1) A break above the falling trendline that connects the 0.9474 high with the 0.9374 resistance pivot.
2) The RSI popping above 60, which shows loss of bearish momentum.

AUD/USD 4H chart 8/14
audusd 8/14

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Pending Bullish Signals: A break above 0.9360 would clear the 200-, 100-, and 50-period simple moving averages (SMAs) in the 4H chart, which would move the pair further away from the bearish outlook.  A Break above 0.9375 would break the lower highs and lower low pattern and thus introduce a bullish outlook. Also, if the RSI can tag 70, and then hold above 40 on its way down, then we will have development of bullish momentum.

Let’s take a look at the daily chart:

AUD/USD Daily Chart 8/14
audusd daily chart 8/14

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Bullish Bias, Bullish Continuation Scenario: When you look at the daily chart, you should see more bullish bias, and expect a bullish continuation scenario. Note that 2014 price action in general has been bullish, though it has turned choppy and sideways since April. Still, with price above 0.92, AUD/USD is neutral-bullish .Today’s price action is putting focus on the bullish component.

Note that the daily RSI is still holding above 40, which keeps a bullish momentum bias.

Bullish Continuation: I noted the implication of a break above 0.9360 and 0.9375 . When you look at the daily chart, a break above 0.9375 would also put price above the 200-, 100-, and 50-daily SMAs, which also revives a bullish outlook. With the 2014 trend already bullish, this could be a bullish continuation scenario, first with upside risk at least back towards the 0.9474, and 0.9505 highs.

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