As PayPal Acts Bully, Voat, a Media Aggregator, Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations


As PayPal Acts Bully, Voat, a Media Aggregator, Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations,

This could be the best response for payment processor PayPal which acts like a bully and suspends the accounts of the customers or users. As PayPal decided to act similarly with Voat™, a media aggregator like Reddit that wants to be the place on the Internet where people can have their say, the organization decided to shun it and start accepting only Bitcoin donations.

The site creator Atif Colo showed his grievances and posted in a stickied thread on the forum’s homepage wherein he mentioned that the reason given was ‘Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for certain sexually oriented materials or services or for items that could be considered obscene’.

Nonetheless, this according to him is wrong/false on so many levels as he says:

We used PayPal only as a means to receive voluntary donations from people who wanted to support further development of Voat and to help pay for our hosting fees. This is beyond crazy.

Interestingly, PayPal can hold the site’s funds for up to 180 days; however, Colo informs that he has yet to receive a response from PayPal for further clarification despite reaching out to the payment service. According to him whoever is putting this kind of pressure on Voat wants to see Voat disappear.

Colo is of the view that the only reason he can see for this is because Voat is not censoring content unless that content is illegal. Moreover, as he would like to stress that his organization does not allow or endorse illegal content and remove such content when reported to them as well as report offending users to authorities, nothing seems wrong in it.

Voat is the Right Place without Any Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

Whereas Reddit is banning and blocking a lot of politically incorrect subs and users without even giving reasons, Voat seems an oasis for the people who are for free speech. It is being believed that PayPal interrupted the site’s PayPal account over the site’s adherence to freedom of speech principles.

Though Voat is like Reddit, nearly identical in appearance and functionality, it is extremely focused on freedom of speech. Interestingly, even when a lot of controversial content is posted on Reddit, the site has not been abandoned by PayPal or is it some conspiracy by people at Reddit who don’t want a competitor like Voat to challenge their monopoly?

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