ArtByte Brings Brand New Website for Music Downloading


ArtByte Brings Brand New Website for Music Downloading

ArtByte which was known as AppleByte Foundation earlier has launched a new website for the downloading of music. The company says that it is pleased to announce its new music download site and enable fans buy music with just two clicks. They won’t need to sign up or own credit cards. Payment is made with ArtByte and musicians keep 100% of proceeds.

Though Bitcoin has been making great inroads in music industry as well as some musicians have started accepting Bitcoin payment, it is the ArtByte which is making it simple and better. This digital currency has the power to revolutionize much more than the financial industry by supporting artists e.g. musicians, painters, dancers, actors, writers.

ArtByte to Help Artists Get Funds With ease

The company claims that if someone wants to give money to the artists he or she can do so using blockchain technology. It is not just fast but low cost as well. Additionally, there are no geographical or jurisdictional restrictions as ArtByte enable the users to do cross-border transactions i.e. pay from any part of the world.

In a press release the company says that ArtByte’s Music Store i.e. is the revolutionary music site allowing musicians to sell their work for ArtByte, a digital currency designed to support artists. It also clarified that as the ArtByte Foundation is non-profit; musicians keep 100% of the sales proceeds.

Nonetheless, ArtByte also clarifies that it is free to list music and there are never any fees to artists. According to the firm fans around the world can buy music regardless of where they live, with no signup, credit cards, or bank account required. This is art as it should be, free from governments and organizations determining which artists are supported.

Download Music Fund the Artists, Double Satisfaction

Founded in New York on May 1, 2014, ArtByte digital currency can play vital role in helping out musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, writers, filmmakers, producers, directors, designers, photographers, production team members and more receive payments without any restrictions and fast as well.

Nonetheless, artists will now be able to get grants and awards, social media tipping apps, promotions, gift card redemptions, and mining, etc. with the help of ArtByte. The company claims that it focus on building real user adoption. However, participating artists also receive free promotion of their work through ArtByte’s social media and forum accounts.

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