Arizona Medical Marijuana Researcher Has Appeal for Reinstatement Turned Down


Arizona Medical Marijuana Researcher Has Appeal for Reinstatement Turned DownA medical marijuana researcher had her appeal seeking to be reinstated back to her faculty post turned down by the University of Arizona. Professor Sue Sisley, who was dismissed by U of A in June, was about to start researching the effects of the drug on veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Though the university said the decision was based on the fact that funding for her research was depleting and that the telemedicine program she was assigned to was switching focus, Sisley blamed conservative state lawmakers for her predicament, reported Fox News.

Immediately after her dismissal, Sisley filed an appeal for reinstatement, which the university denied in a letter sent to her on Monday. A provost at the college noted that Sisley was in a non-tenured role and that she isn’t a protected university worker.

The nonprofit group that was funding her research is actively looking for another university to ensure Sisley continues with her work, with the most likely ones being Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.


In a separate report, Cathedral City in California State on Tuesday voted 3-2 to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city, and amended the law to provide for three such facilities rather than two as earlier provided for.

The council also voted to have a proposal to tax medical cannabis sales by up to 15 percent sent to the November ballot for the public to decide. Cathedral City’s new law will become operational 30 days after the compulsory second reading that will be held on August 13.

Cathedral City prohibited marijuana dispensaries in 2009 following a legal battle to have one such facility closed. Palm Springs is the only other Coachella valley city to allow the facilities after Palm Springs. Currently, Desert Springs is also considering toeing the line. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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