Apple Considering to Support Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps


Apple Considering to Support Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps – After disregarding its cryptocurrency loving customers by removing wallet apps from its App Store, Apple is now showing some resilience towards Bitcoin, and other digital coins. The fact can be stated on the basis of a recent circular, released by Apple Inc., which says that company may “facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies” if they are approved by all state and Federal laws as well.

The relationship between Bitcoin and Apple have always been stiff, until recently. The last time we heard both these giants together was when the latter allowed a Bitcoin-based virtual stimulator (known as Bitple) to get released on its app market. The news was optimistic and promised new opportunities for Bitcoin inside the world’s best tech company.


Apple, on the other hand, have always believed to stay inside the limitations of law and has outright rejected Bitcoin in past for its anti-government features. Though, even the government itself have recently been mellow to the coin and has believed to rather tax it than ban it completely. Even the aforementioned circular by Apple focus on the word “approved” particularly. The company is still under the law-abiding list of the Feds, while Bitcoin has simply elevated in the eyes of the regulators.

If, supposedly, Apple approves of Bitcoin wallet or trading apps, then the whole course will simply expand Bitcoin to new horizons. Over millions of Apple users may soon be able to recognize the concept of Bitcoin, just like we have seen in case of Android – another operating system that have always embraced virtual currencies in its system.

Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin can also reap benefits from the possible announcement by Apple.

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