Anti-Fracking Protesters in U.K. Resort to ‘Violent Methods’ to Air Grievances

Currency Trading Market Fundamental Analysis - May 5, 2014

Anti-Fracking Protesters in U.K. Resort to ‘Violent Methods’ to Air GrievancesAnti-fracking protesters in a U.K. drilling site have reportedly resorted to violent methods in order to disrupt operations.

According to the Telegraph, the activists have turned to invading the drilling rig and blocking trucks from entering the Daneshill exploration site in Nottinghamshire. However, there have been allegations that the protesters have physically assaulted workers at the site which is operated and owned by Dart Energy, an Australian firm.

The anti-fracking activists have also been accused of hurling racist abuse at the workers whenever they report to work or leave the site.


“We have recently witnessed an escalation in non-peaceful protest. Site personnel have been threatened with violence – death in one case – verbal abuse, racial abuse and now physical abuse,” Said John McGoldrick. “There is no way that the protest movement can claim it is making a peaceful protest. These abuses are despicable and cowardly.”

The activists have vehemently denied the claims, though McGoldrick threatened to report each case to the police and push for “the fullest charges” to be slapped against the responsible persons.

What is puzzling is the fact that Dart Energy says that it isn’t exploring the area for gas; rather it is collection coal samples for analysis. Still, this hasn’t been enough to keep protesters away from the site.

Dart Energy drilled the site for about four weeks and says it has encased the well with cement and steel to secure groundwater reservoirs in the Sherwood sandstone. The company said it will fully restore the area once the exploration activity is over. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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