Anti-Fracking Activists Camp near Drilling Site in Lancashire, England


Anti-Fracking Activists Camp near Drilling Site in Lancashire, EnglandEnvironmentalists opposed to fracking activists have created a protest camp in a field near the planned drilling site in Lancashire, England. The 100 protesters, who are affiliated to the Reclaim the Power, have camped on a location in Little Plumpton near Blackpool to back the anti-fracking campaign.

Cuadrilla is seeking permission from the county council to frack for shale gas in its Roseacre site and Preston New Road site. In August 2013, Cuadrilla halted drilling activities in its Balcombe, West Sussex site after anti-fracking activists held protests there, reported BBC News. The protests saw dozens of protesters arrested, mostly for locking a highway to prevent trucks from reaching the drilling site. The operation is estimated to have cost Sussex police 4 million pounds.

Reclaim the Power is joining a group of grandmothers and mothers who camped at the site last week, saying it is “responding to a call for support from Lancashire residents who are taking action against fracking”.

Lancashire is the first and the only county in the UK where fracking has been employed. The technique involves blasting a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals underground to fracture shale rocks to release the trapped oil and/or natural gas trapped there.

Cuadrilla stopped operations in 2011 following two earthquakes, but restrictions were removed towards the end of 2012, opening a fresh round of planning applications. Cuadrilla submitted its application to Lancashire county council last May, and is currently awaiting a decision before the end of this year.

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