Another User Reports Bitcoin Stolen by Chrome Extension


Another User Reports Bitcoin Stolen by Chrome Extension – One of the Dogecoin followers recently took Reddit to report a malware in Cryptsy Dogecoin Live Ticker, which has reportedly stolen his Bitcoins. According to the user, he was simply trying to send coin out of his Coinbase account, when a hidden malware inside the extension changed the recipient’s address, eventually sending the amount to an unknown entity.


Incidentally, few similar incidents were reported months back in which the same extension was accused of stealing Bitcoins and other altcoins from its users. Chrome’s extension store thereupon removed the add-on from its website. However, it still might be functioning on browsers that never removed it in the first place.

Therefore, it is requested to every cryptocurrency user to immediately uninstall this extension from their chrome browsers. Users must also study other extensions thoroughly before installing them. Chrome web store is indeed unable to differentiate trustworthy apps from trustworthy ones, because these apps keep changing their functionalities and likewise make changes to their permission requests. It is then only up to users whether they want to provide full access to these apps or not. In case of Cryptsy Dogecoin Live Ticket, this just might be the case.

Users can also opt for using Google Chrome’s incognito mode as it mostly disables all extensions at once. It is indeed a safe browsing method to avoid any kind of aforementioned attack. Enabling 2FA account is also recommended.

There are over 200 cryptocurrency malwares currently being active. Dell reported them to be about 150 three months back.

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