Another Litecoin-Based National Cryptocurrency Hits the Market; Schedules an Airdrop


Another Litecoin-Based National Cryptocurrency Hits the Market; Schedules an Airdrop – Cryptocurrencies meets patriotism again! After the much hyped Auroracoin raising the siren against Iceland government, for their impotency in handling the nation’s economy, there is now another currency which is born out of the iniquitousness of its country’s lawmakers. Meet Aphroditecoins, a new and conceptually-outdated digital currency of Cyprus.

Though, one can easily figure out that how Aphroditecoins is heavily inspired from Spain’s digital currency Spaincoin, which is further heavily inspired from Iceland’s Auroracoin – the originator of financial patriotism. Likewise Auroracoin creator, who had announced to distribute the 31.8 coins to each Icelander (and is currently distributing too), Aphroditecoin creators have also made a similar announcement to distribute 25.4 coins to each Cyprus citizen from April 21st 2014.


But country-based cryptocurrency has its story behind inception, quite like Bruce Wayne, whose reason to create Batman was to clean Gotham from the wrath of criminals. The superhero cum digital currency Aphroditecoin is also formed to break the shackles of a fiat currency, a “legalized criminalization” if one tries to quote it. The creator of the currency recites their version of Cyprus government’s unethicalness, by referring the latter’s decision of taking 10% savings of every Cypriot to solve the nation’s bankruptcy problem. Excerpt:

“Cypriot economy is slowly bleeding. The people of Cyprus are being sacrificed at the altar of a flawed financial system, controlled by an elite that made astronomical bets supported by the government on behalf of the people and ultimately at the expense of the people.”

Furthermore, the Aphroditecoin creators quotes many examples that justifies the nation’s need of having a democratic and unregulated cryptocurrency. It then raises the question of an individual’s liberty and free will.

“The power must be taken away from the politicians and given back to the people. Cryptocurrencies are a very important milestone in this fight for liberty. They bring the hope of a new era of free currencies, immune to the meddling of politicians and their cronies,” says an excerpt from

Aphroditecoin: Nationalism or Gimmick?
It would be tough to predict the Aphroditecoin’s real intentions behind the airdrop, that whether it is to free people from outdated financial bonds, or just to create enough marketing hype to set a benchmark. We will keep you updated with the every latest information our network detects. Meanwhile, let us just welcome the new cryptocurrency to the highly populated digital currency sector.

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