Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked: Thousands of Blackcoins Go Missing from CryptoRush


Even Your Security Camera Can Mine Cryptocurrencies – The time when the cryptocurrency community was celebrating the success of Auroracoin’s airdrop, gloomy news hit the market from the other end. According to the reliable sources, renowned digital currency exchange CryptoRush has reported of a bug attack that has stolen thousands of Blackcoins from customers’ wallets – leaving most of them even empty.

The news first came into light in a discussion forum at Posted by Linkandzelda, one of the CryptoRush’s founders, it admitted a large chunk of Blackcoin being stolen by an unknown entity that earlier posted false upgrades without notice. “We didn’t find out until 7 hours later,” the founder wrote.

He later added, “For this we apologize about our slow updating to the new version causing many traders potential losses. This is where we announce that Blackcoin was stolen from us by users, caused by a bug in the Blackcoin daemon.”


According to Linkandzelda, the bug automatically exaggerated the account balances of customers with millions of extra coins. Customers, on the other hand, withdrew more money than they entered. Linkandzelda also posted some numerical explanations, which looks something like this:

Total withdrawn: 20,381,892.41143484
Total deposited: 20,448,517.07003221
Total stake generated: 1,640.08575003
Supposed current site balance: 66,624.65859738
Consolidated reported current site balance (user daemon accounts): 22,052,756.46576266
Actual daemon balance: 68,025.87273473

Linkandzelda also tried to elaborate the aforementioned report, saying that every combined users reported balance is over 22 million when their wallet balance is only 68k. “At the time we pulled BC offline after the update we had only 53.xx coins on the balance. This is a clear sign of a stake bug, and as you can see by this daemon call it confirms the origins of the bug,” he concluded.

He actually didn’t provide any definite solution to this DDoS attack. Instead, he raised his finger over an anonymous developer who refused CryptoRush to solve this bug.
The insensitive attitude of the founder was met with many negative responses, with some people referring CryptoRush as a “fraudulent” exchange, which steals from its customers.

You can see the full post here.

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