Another Development Update Pushes Darkcoin Prices North


Another Development Update Pushes Darkcoin Prices North – The Darkcoin team recently came up with a few development updates that instilled optimism inside the coin’s market once again. Darkcoin’s market cap and prices were recently falling in the wake of unsatisfactory forks and increasing competition from other coins.

In his new post, the Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD discussed the annihilation of their Masternode voting system from codebase, which is to be replaced by a new, full-developed and successfully-tested consensus protocol. The developer also elaborated the functionality of this new system, which seemed attractive enough to lure miners and investors towards Darkcoin. It reads:

“[In] each round [of voting], a winning Masternode is chosen to carry out Darksend transactions. This process is carried out by the individual nodes across the network independently using the Masternode election algorithm. This algorithm chooses a winning node for Darksend, but there is also a runner up, third, fourth, fifth place, etc.”

Following this approach not only prevents the excess of Masternodes, but also ensures to bring forth the best Masternodes inside the Darkcoin network, based on their winning scores. These nodes are also ensured to be comprehensible in choosing the most deserved miners to get paid for that round. The Masternodes whose blocks will not have the payment entry of the chosen Masternode will simply be rejected by the Darkcoin network.


Some Other Announcements
Alongside Consensus Protocol, EDUFFIELD has also announced to improve the interface of the Darkcoin wallets, while adding new user-friendly functionalities to it. One among them is the proposed addition of current exchange rates widget. The developer has also urged the Darkcoin community to bring new ideas to the table as well.

Above all, EDUFFIELD has updated traders of an overall new project called “Darksend+”. While the current version of Darksend was all about obfuscating the links that carry transactions between the sender and receiver, using only one Masternode, Darksend+ will have two separate masternodes. The announcement reads:

“There is no direct link between the sender and receiver (by wallet address) at any point in the transaction. This also removes the potential for a transaction to be unmasked by a user accidentally combining change “dust” with funds from their primary wallet address.”

You can read more about this update here.

Impact on Darkcoin Market
In the wake of aforementioned updates, the Darkcoin prices have been pushed ahead by over 12%. It has also helped the coin to recover its position as the 4th wealthiest cryptocurrency, which was occupied by Peercoin in recent days.

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