Anonymous VPN Service Provider Now Accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin


Anonymous VPN Service Providers Now Accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin

TorGuard has recently announced to accept payments in Litecoin and Dogecoin for its anonymous VPN and torrent proxy services. – Renowned anonymous VPN services provider TorGuard is now accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin. Customer will now be able to acquire their multiple range of services – ranging from its trademark anonymous VPN to torrent proxy services – by simply paying through Litecoin or Dogecoin.

TorGuard has always been a cryptocurrency supporter, and has also earlier introduced BTC supported VPN/Proxy services, VPN routers, and DIY Bitcoin wallet solution CoinPunk. “Our staff truly believes that traditional credit card payments were not designed for the internet and that the evolution of digital payment solutions has only just begun,” says the excerpts from their recently published press release.

The company also mentioned that their step of introducing cryptocurrencies was influenced by their handful of users. “They contacted our support desk asking for us to support more digital currencies like Dogecoin, and we took note.” TorGuard also posted snapshots of these requests, with many people emphasizing to introduce Litecoin and Dogecoin as one of the payment methods.


The event somehow proves that people are definitely inclining towards the next-best virtual currencies after the recent bankruptcy of Mt. Gox. The news have certainly shaken the long-withstanding position of Bitcoins, giving a push to other virtual currencies to take over the market. With Litecoin and Dogecoin being with the next higher market caps, people are likely to assume them as their best alternatives, at least for now.

On the other hand, TorGuard’s support to these altcoins can boost them further in the game; especially Litecoins, whose popularity have seen an upsurge since the announcement of its ASIC miners in January. The currency has also been well-marketed for being more secure and faster than Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, these currencies can still face challenge from the lawmakers, as many countries are damn-opposed to them. And the recent Mt. Gox debacle has indeed risen the eyebrows of financial regulators, who are all advocating a pure and simple ban on them.

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