Angel Investors Raises $7 Million for Bitcoin Startups

Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders
Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders

Seems like the good and the bad news for Bitcoins run parallel. Day after when US bureaucracy was holding the currency’s neck, Angel Investors raised the whopping $7 million for a Bitcoin startup. Confirmed by reliable sources, sixty Angel investors have collaborated together to form BitAngels, a group dedicated to fund the Bitcoins startups. They have raised about $7 million that they plan on investing into tech startups.
Referring itself as the first investor network that is exclusively shaped to crypto-currency startups, the idea of BitAngels was developed during the Bitcoin 2013 conference held this month in San Jose. It is supervised by renowned entrepreneurs David Johnston, founder of email automation services, Michael Terpin, the founder and chief executive of social media agency SocialRadius, and angel investor Sam Onat Yilmaz.
“We are accepting applications for a limited number of passionate, motivated and hard-working entrepreneurs,” the group says on its website,“Winners will get about $20,000 each in investment funds, and also a chance to mentor and access the BitAngels office space in New York, San Francisco or Austin, Texas.”
Meanwhile, Johnston separately quoted “Bitcoin is not only here to stay, but your grandmother will be using it in the very near future — and without having to understand what it is or how it works. People don’t yet appreciate how fast this whole space is going to move.”
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