Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba Can Now Receive Bitcoin Donations


Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba Can Now Receive Bitcoin Donations

The Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba being run by Nelson Chartrand and Joisy García can now receive Bitcoin donations. The group that is focused on promoting the radical ideas of the philosophy on the island — a place where, as they describe, “everything is illegal” is always in need of financial support from its members and sympathizers.

Thus, now, the supporters of the Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba or CAC can now send Bitcoin donations to the group and save the fees that they would otherwise be paying if opted the other payment methods like PayPal. Coming from the land of communist Cuba, the CAC is always facing challenges to run the organization and often looks for donations.

Nonetheless, the CAC, an organization dedicated to advocating freedom and Anarcho-capitalist political philosophy on the Caribbean island, aims to provide Cubans with a perspective that counters the Castros’ totalitarian regime. Bitcoin is one disruptive technology that is quite close to the concept of Anarcho-capitalism, so the support is quite natural.

With limited means the organization has been able to spread its message in the country. Moreover, as it has also allied with the Mises Institute of Cuba, receives attention from activists around the world. It organizes lectures on free-market anarchism that are well attended by learned professionals and activists.

The CAC has wide support from its international supporters who are showing their interest in donating to the group; however, as international payments also cost a lot, the group decided to accept Bitcoin where charges are nil. Bitcoin has been receiving a lot of acceptance among NGOs and charity groups looking for donations from international supporters.

Bitcoin is becoming a Popular Payment Method for International Donations

It’s worth a mention that given the climate of political retaliation in Cuba, most CAC members are not able to gain employment and in such a situation it becomes important for them to get their lives going with donations from their supporters. After an initial trial run on Thursday, the CAC successfully obtained their first Bitcoin donations.

Talking to media Joisy García, one of the club’s founders admitted that the group has successfully made history as the first organization to accept Bitcoin in Cuba. Interestingly, there will be difficulty in converting Bitcoin to the local currency. On the issue, García said he cannot publicly disclose how the group plans to exchange Bitcoin for local currency.

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