Amsterdam to Hold Bitcoinference Summer 2014


Amsterdam to Hold Bitcoinference Summer 2014

Amsterdam is going to host Bitcoinference Summer 2014 and provide a platform for participants to talk business and be part of Bitcoin revolution. The organizers of the event say that it’s an attractive opportunity for participants to listen to the visionary voices of experts and Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

To be held on September 3 – September 5, the international Bitcoinference Summer 2014 is expected to cover the business and scientific aspects of Bitcoin, currencies and their derivatives. For the organizers of the event its first conference after last March’s successful event that saw hundreds of participants flocking in.

Amsterdam Science Park is going to host the event. The organizers are requesting the interested parties to send them an email if they want to know more about registering for the Bitcoinference which aims to gather the international business and scientific community around Bitcoin and its derivatives.

The selection of the Amsterdam Science Park is tactical as according to the organizers it was the place where the idea of digital currency came up for the first time when David Chaum made his first attempts to integrate cryptography with electronic money. Currently, Mr Chaum is inventing in many cryptographic protocols.

The three-day Bitcoinference Summer offers presentations and panels during the day combined with an amazing opportunity to meet and socialize with the international Bitcoin community. However, the official website of the event shows that there is still a lot of scope for those who want to give presentation and sponsor it.

Experts and Entrepreneurs to Address the Audiences in the Three-Day Event

The much waited event is going to provide an attractive opportunity for Bitcoin stakeholders to take part in panels and listen to many speakers and panel members. The panelists and speakers are expected to raise a great number of digital currency related subjects or issues that will enlighten the stakeholders.

Some renowned personalities are expected to share their views with the audience. One such speaker is Ot van Daalen, a Privacy Attorney from Digital Defence who is expected to put his views on Bitcoin service providers and important issues regarding information requests by the police – a major issue that has become relevant as governments say anonymity is being abused.

Another speaker is Nicolas Courtois who is a known cryptologist and senior lecturer at University College London. He will be talking about Hash Rate, 51% and protection against double spending in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

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